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Kyli Heckenkamp

Position: Co-Manager, Brass Horn Too
Hometown: Decatur, IL

 I’ve been around The Brass Horn for my entire life, observing the ins and outs of a small business and learning from my dad, George Streckfuss, how to build a business that puts the customer first. Never did I imagine I would one day be working right next door at the Brass Horn Too, putting those same ideals into practice. After graduating from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, I moved to Chicago for several years, shopping at local boutiques and unknowingly gaining inspiration for the future Brass Horn Too. I moved back to Central IL, married my husband, and had our daughter Stella and began working at BHT from our opening day.

What sets the Brass Horn Too apart is the overall shopping experience. We want you, our customer, to walk into our store and find pieces that are beautifully unique. We have thoughtfully curated a store filled with high-quality clothing, gifts for every occasion, sweet and savory treats, and other fun goodies you didn’t even know you needed! Our hope is that you feel at home while shopping at our store and that we have developed a truly unique gem in the heart of Downtown Decatur.

Stacie Ostrander

Position: Co-Manager, Brass Horn Too
Hometown: Decatur, IL

 I believe good days start with great clothes. When choosing how you want to present yourself to the world, the options are endless. I have always pushed the envelope with my personal style through wardrobe and accessories. This, combined with a love for all things fashion, has made me the “go-to-gal” for styling my family and friends. Thankfully, my passion translated in to a career. Since earning my Fashion Merchandising degree in 2012, I have worked for various retailers in a variety of roles; Visual Merchandiser, Manager, Buyer. I am lucky to now be learning from the pros, George and Ryan, who remind me every day, while it is important to have the right merchandise available for the customer, it is the personalized shopping experience that means everything.

At the Brass Horn Too, we are dedicated to bringing you current trends and unique pieces that will set you apart from the rest and providing personalized styling to help you pull it all together. So, when you are choosing how to present yourself to the world, let us at the Brass Horn Too help you make a fashion statement.

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